Brahmi Oil

Extracted from the Gotu Kola herb that is popularly known as Brahmi in India. It is widely used for AromatherapySkin, and Hair Care purposes. People who suffer from sleeplessness can inhale or diffuse organic brahmi oil to improve their Sleep Quality.

PureAroma provides premium grade and organic Brahmi Oil that is known for its Anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains powerful antioxidants that can be used to treat several skin and hair issues. We are providing chemical-free Brahmi Oil that is safe for all types of skin.

Organic Brahmi Oil stabilizes emotions and improves brain function. It is also used in several Ayurvedic Treatments due to its natural goodness. As we have formulated Brahmi Hair Oil for external use only, you should avoid using it for internal purposes. Get this multi-purpose oil today and enjoy its various benefits along with your family.



PureAroma is one of the leading Wholesale Suppliers, Manufacturer, and Exporter of Brahmi Oil and other Carrier oil in India. We offer the purest forms of Carrier oils to our customers. No chemicals, additives, or fillers are added to them. They also do not contain any artificial colors, preservatives, and fragrances. Therefore, they prove to be ideal for daily use.

We employ numerous tests and quality checks to ensure that only Premium-quality and Brahmi Oil reaches you. The highest quality and packaging standards are employed to deliver desirable results on usage. Also, our portal uses a secure payment gateway to safeguard your transactions. Buy Brahmi oil from PureAroma Online according to requirements at the best competitive prices in the market. You can order Brahmi oil for your daily purposes such as dark circles, skin lightening, and hair growth . Check out Brahmi oil price per Kg, even you can purchase Brahmi Oil in bulk quantity.


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