Shikakai Oil

Shikakai is a climbing shrub with dark brown color pods and pink flowers found mostly in the tropical forests of the Indian subcontinent. Used as a potent hair medicine in the traditional Ayurvedic system, it is often called the ‘hair fruit’. It works effectively to strengthen hair roots, control hair fall, controls dandruff, and prevents scaling, itchiness, and dryness of the scalp.



Shikakai Liquid Extract pods act as a natural suppository. It is highly beneficial in treating constipation and intestinal swelling. It helps in the movement of feces through the bowel system ensuring a smooth and healthy digestive system in the body. The anti-bacterial properties of Shikakai help in the treatment of gum and tooth infections. Highly effective in the treatment of gum infections like gingivitis, Shikakai prevents the build of plaque thus avoiding the chances of tooth decay.

Shikakai Extract Liquid also stimulates the secretion of bile from the liver and aids in the recovery of liver diseases like jaundice. As a therapeutic and medicinal shrub, Shikakai has great significance in Ayurveda and is believed to treat many diseases besides being a big cure for hair problems.


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